Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Why I am glad I am not a nurse

Got the following emails forwarded to me today by a friend who used to be a nurse in a public hospital. They originate from her best friend who still is.

First, the email sent to said best friend:
I was asked this question by xxxx. I had to go there yesterday to see a patient and they tried to give the arm to me. This is a copy of what they wrote:

Who is responsible for picking up extremities? We call pathology to come pick up an arm from a patient that was hit by a train. They said they did not do that any more. I tried to send it to the morgue via escort but they said they did not take extremities to the morgue. The problem is this patient's arm was in the trauma center for 8 hours. I finally sent it to the morgue with a nurse and called security to open the morgue. Can either or both of you clarify the answer please? Thank you in
And the email she sent to her boss with the forward:
Dear Boss,
Somehow, I could NOT leave you out of this loop! I mean, with xxx always referring to me as "His Right Arm" and all...

Can you "lend a hand" with advice?

Your loving assistant---out on a limb!
PS I got this one HANDLED...just being extremely bad and sharing with you! The answer is (and DO correct me if I am wrong) DO whatever the OR does with amputated limbs. Probably pathology, but I'll find out. And then..if the patient was dead, wrap it up in the body bag with the rest of the package.
I assure you; I am not making this up.

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