Friday, December 31, 2004

Happy new year to all

It is a bit dreary here in LA where the rain is expected to continue all weekend. Bummer for those rich folks in Malibu. Say what you like about the valley, but at least we don't have to worry about our houses sliding down mountains when it rains.

I am still nursing a cold and have big plans to spend new years blogging, watching DVDs, doing laundry, and blowing my nose. Happily, I no longer drink so I don't feel like I'm missing much except the opportunity to play frogger while sharing the road with excessively drunk people.

I actually appreciate New Years as a concept despite it being a sort of non-event for those of us who are clean. I always make a couple of resolutions and I like the idea of reflecting and assessing what I can commit to in the coming year. It's sort of like Yom Kippur without the abasement. This year I did pretty well on the resolutions. The big one for so many years running has been to finish my PhD and now it's actually done, which feels miraculous on the order of seas parting and food falling from the sky. My other resolution, to stay in better touch with my loved ones who are far away, I have had limited success with. Not so much so that it won't be a resolution again this year. I find I need to resolve something like five years in a row in order to actually do something pretty well. Sigh.

So Nic the cat and I are in for the day/night. For his part, it seems he has resolved to take more naps, a commitment he is hard at work on right now. I hope all y'all have a safe and happy evening.

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