Thursday, June 17, 2004

Spent last weekend in northern Wisconsin. Perhaps more on that later. Snapped this a half block from the resort. I think it captures so much.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

half mast

So I guess the deal is that the flags will be flown at half mast for 30 days to honor the Bonzo's bedtime. The misty eyed remembrances of my fellow Americans inspire something of a ptsd reaction in this citizen who lived through Reagan's presidency. I started college in 1984 and spent most of the 80s surrounded by aspiring Gordon Gekkos feeling like a leftist space alien dropped into some hostile territory. Ronnie's smiling countenance always struck me as more than a little similar to a "funny uncle," and his abject stupidity (anyone remember "trees cause pollution") was a source of great shame (though that was before W, who makes Reagan look like quite the whiz kid).

In any case, I offer the Voice's scathing piece as an antidote to our collective amnesia for the rest of you who have not yet been turned into pod people. The letters in response are pretty good reading as well.

More soon...