Monday, December 20, 2004

What it means to work in a "sweat shop" in Chatsworth

Andrea and I are posting this ad in the hopes that someone can explain it to us.

Here is the text in the upper-right-hand corner:
Italian and French Canadian, Sophie is currently a student in Montreal. She met an American Apparel employee on the street there, and was photographed the following evening.
Then the photo. [Note the be-socked foot under Sophie's]

Here is the text in the lower-right-hand corner:
American Apparel is 3,200 people earning a fair wage.

Designers, marketers, engineers, knitters, sewers, and administrators all working together out of a vertically integrated factory in downtown Los Angeles.

Thirty-five non-franchised stores worldwide with more on the way. Forty thousand wholesale clients, part of the family. One million garments served up each week.

Taking on the system.
One T-shirt at a time.

Capitalism. Working.

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