Thursday, December 16, 2004

No room for one more dog on the cabinet

This year's Christmas video offering from the White House (a shmaltzy tradition if ever there was one) really defies description. Among other highlights: W explaining to Barney (the dog) why he didn't get a cabinet post; Karl Rove suggesting to Barney that he look in Ohio for Mrs. Beasley (the new puppy) because the team made so many stops there; Rove removing the blue Christmas ornaments from the tree and replacing them with red ones; and Gonzales consoling Barney that being overlooked for the cabinet was nothing personal: "You're not a lawyer Barney; you're a dog."

I really wish I was making this up. You can access the video from Barney's Home Page under Barney's films or you can find it at CoolGov. You have to go right now and watch this. It really is not to be missed. The combination of chutzpah, criminality, and insipidness is breath-taking.

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