Thursday, December 23, 2004

Gimme some truth

Geov Parrish at Working for Change has a good end of the year round up of the most overhyped and underreported stories in 2004 featuring items like
Ronald Reagan's Death. Forget Iran-Contra, illegal wars, administration corruption, AIDS, and the Me Decade. Just remember that he was a really nice guy. Oh, and he single-handedly ended Communism. But wait -- Communism can't have ended, because this is exactly how such regimes rewrite history. All hail the Great Fallen Helmsman Comrade Leader Ronnie.

Foreign Terrorists. Because of constant repetition and misuse, this term is utterly devoid of meaning. Many Americans, however, now think that any foreigner is a terrorist. Mission accomplished.

Anything the White House Says About Iraq It's time to stop treating these ridiculously optimistic, obtuse pronouncements as credible. "Freedom is on the march"?? Please.
See post below for the news in a nutshell.

If that's not enough to depress you, Parrish's readers have contributed their own additions to the list.

Extra points to anyone who knows this post's title source. I'll give you a hint: the band also had a song called "Promises, promises" about not selling out. I love irony; don't you?

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