Wednesday, December 15, 2004

To offer a piece is heart for needy in this auction is

This man wants you to sponsor his daughter. Why? He explains:
I degrees once only the maintenance furnish can that am legally prescribed.

The nut/mother of my daughter is social welfare assistance empfaengerin and has still another son me as his father regards. I live at present with you in dwelling house in different dwellings, however my more patner has internal requirement-complains the manager gotten (gege'n you the straight proceeds).

All in all the nut/mother comes in such a way degrees over the month with the money which you from the office gets, however nothing more remains for children over and also weihnachts given for the children this year precipitates rather speerlich.

Therefore me this idea came, since I saw that to honouring sponsorships for animals am offered here and I imagine a sponsorship for I legend times my two children am more meaningful than for a dog.

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