Monday, December 27, 2004

How soon they forget

Greetings from the nation's capital. I am still in DC and poaching a moment on sis' computer to say hello to all. Let me just say that winter is so very over-rated. I cannot believe I lived in Wisconsin for eleven years without perishing like an Eskimo baby left on the ice. It is cold as f*** in DC and I'm seriously wondering why I, who live in the land of endless summer, am the one traveling for the holiday. Dumb. Next year, I plan to invite everyone else out to pile like kittens on my couch and instead of flying on Christmas eve I will spend the day selling overpriced coffee and aspirin to the eight thousand people lined up waiting to get through security at LAX.

Which is to say, LAX was indeed a nightmare. A total Ellis Island experience with the security line at terminal one stretching down the escalators through the snaky rope line, out the door, the entire length of the terminal, across the sidewalk and a third of the way down terminal two. You know it's bad when the news vans are there filming the line.

It was worth it though. I've not only spent a lot of time with my sibs, I got to hook up with an old family friend here from France and meet her adorable three-year-old who is like a parody of a French wee child. She doesn't quite grasp the monolingual phenomenon and so spoke slowly and carefully in French to us, regaling us with tales of dogs run over by cars and other fatalities. I tried to explain to her that Americans told stories about dogs going to heaven, but we had a linguistic barrier to be sure.

No news blogging until my return Wednesday; though Andrea in her abject refusal to become co-blogger continues to send me interesting tidbits. For now, just one quick link: I love this a lot.

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