Thursday, January 06, 2005

What's wrong with my generation

Inspired by this post over at Newspipe, I wanted to share one of my very favorite Harper's Readings from a zillion years ago (more than ten).

From "Nostalgia: A Neuropsychiatric Understanding," a study on nostalgia-producing odors presented in October 1991 at the annual conference of the Association for Consumer Research by Alan R. Hirsch, M.D. As part of the study, 989 individuals were interviewed in a Chicago shopping mall; below are answers that respondents gave to the question "What odor causes you to become nostalgic?". . .

Nostalgic odors for people born in the Twenties, Thirties, and Forties

Pine Roses Hot chocolate
Fish Lilies Manure
Honeysuckle Violets Attics
Cracker Jack Baking bread Soap
Figs Cut grass Blueberries
Cinnamon Ocean air Meadows
Hay Clover Petunias
Tweed Meat balls Split-pea soup
Fresh air Burning leaves

Nostalgic odors for people born during the Sixties and Seventies

Play-doh Chlorine Crayons
Rubber fish bait Marijuana Tuna casserole
Downy fabric softener Dirt Smoke
Airplane fuel Disinfectant Refineries
Motor oil Tacos SweeTARTS
Cocoa Puffs Urine Garbage
Windex Hair spray Plastic
Ferns Old socks Dog waste
Baby aspirin Feet Mothballs
Exhaust Mosquito repellent Factories
Nail polish Enchiladas Candy cigarettes
Suntan oil Scented Magic Markers Burning tires
I totally get this. Vicks vaporub is one of mine for sure.

When I first moved to Wisconsin from DC I used to get homesick when I heard police and ambulance sirens. Now that I live in LA, I am sure if I ever move from here the sound of helicopter blades will make me misty-eyed for the city of angels.

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