Monday, January 31, 2005

This one goes out special to my coworkers

Via ResearchBuzz comes The Budget Traveller's Guide to Sleeping in Airports. Admittedly, I am at an age and stage of my life that the most obvious method for me is, find out the nearest decent hotel, get in a cab, and charge it. Nonetheless, there are those times (last month for instance), that you find yourself like Charlie on the MTA, trapped forever in those sky kennels we call airports. This site offers advice, anecdotes, horror stories, and more. Have a great airport squatting story? Post it here. Would that I had known, for instance, when I got stuck at Detroit airport for 9 hours, that the airport is connected to the Westin hotel which has a large, deserted lobby where you can take a nap and watch TV.

Even if you're not traveling, the site is slightly addictive. You get these marvelous visions of snafu travel:

In September of 1997 I spent the night in the American terminal of the Dulles, VA airport (one of the major airports in Washington, DC). The chairs were quite uncomfortable (armrests on all of them) but worst of all it felt like sleeping in a freezer. By the end of the night I was wearing all the shirts I had packed and had wrapped myself in beach towels. I also would go into the bathroom and sit under the hand dryer, blowing warm air on myself, to warm up. The only good thing about the evening was that the place was totally deserted, except for the cleaning people, who cleaned right around me and didn't disturb me at all.
To my coworkers, I hope that you have no need for the site, but just in case, now you have the URL.

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