Tuesday, January 18, 2005


The results are in for Bleach Eating Freaks' Office Bricolage contest in which you try to make the most destructive weapon possible from random office supplies. It's very much a Dilbert meets Travis Bickle kind of thing (right up some of y'all's alleys, I know).

The winner is the "office bow of death," and I am very sorry I'm unable to get the video to play. Starting with just 4 wooden rulers, a box of PaperMate pens, a bag of 84 size rubber bands, strapping tape, and a small length of Cat5 cable, you end with a potentially lethal weapon, as the creator notes:
Note**: This information is provided as "Educational Knowledge".
This weapon can actually penetrate flesh, muscle and eyeballs.
I am not responsible for the mis-use of this knowledge.
Don't try this at home, kids. Gives whole new meaning to nsf. (And they taunt me because I spend my spare time blogging.)

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