Saturday, January 15, 2005

And I thought the "Cathedral of Learning" was an odd choice

If you've never been to Pittsburgh, you may not know that the English classes at Pitt (along with those of other departments) are housed in a gothic high-rise named the Cathedral of Learning. The second largest education building in the world, "the cathedral" is, um, imposing despite its humble origins:
During the peak of the Depression, when funding for the project became especially challenging, school children were encouraged to contribute a dime to "buy a brick."
The Cathedral has come a long way from its brick-buying roots, and inside is a veritable hall of nations of classrooms. I, let me say, did not go to Pitt, and the buildings at the fine institution where I taught tended to favor poured concrete. When I visited Pittsburgh and toured the Cathedral, I felt so grateful that I didn't have to teach in a building that says to all of its surroundings "we are not of this world--we are above it and apart from it."

That said, I'm really scratching my head over GW's newest residence hall. Just puts it right out there, doesn't it? (Thanks to MemeFirst for the head's up.)

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