Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Why I get most of my news from blogs

I'm on cbs.com last night, searching for a news story I heard on TV, and I come across a piece about Bush's inaugural speech titled "The Bush Doctrine." I'm intrigued. Indeed, I see how one could understand the speech in that way, and I set to reading the editorial. At first, it rehearses the analysis we've read (or thought) about Bush setting out a monomaniacal agenda for the next four years, a "missionary, idealistic crusade." The piece mentions that this is a president who squeeked by with the smallest electoral college margin since 1916 and yet is the first since 1928 to enter his second term with Republican control of the House, Senate, and White House.

So far, nothing too notable. And then there's this:
To me, the attractiveness of the family (and this is admittedly weird) was symbolized this week by Laura Bush's hair. I looked at pictures of her from the 2001 Inaugural and she was the same – no radical new do's or styles. How nice. Then I looked at pictures of Hillary Clinton from 1991, 1995, 2001 and in between: a whole new look, a whole new persona in each photograph. How disquieting. OK, scary.
Say what? While we're on the subject of disquieting, scary things, let's talk about the place of hair style analysis in a piece on Bush's inaugural speech and second term. The laws have changed, our international standing has changed, our respect for the rights of our citizens has changed, but thank god we can count on something: Laura Bush's hair. Oy vey.

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