Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Tonight we're going to party like it's 1999

Have I mentioned how glad I am I no longer live in DC? Tom Ridge has reassured us all today that all is well for the "Celebrating Freedom" inaugural:
We will have 24-7 surveillance of key Inaugural facilities, as well as portable x-ray equipment to examine packages, as well as commercial vehicles and delivery trucks entering these areas. In addition, we will deploy trained Homeland Security personnel to augment the work of local law enforcement.

We anticipate there will be about 6,000 law enforcement personnel here from dozens of federal, state and local agencies. We will utilize record numbers of canine bomb teams. We're spending a great deal of money in the Department of Homeland Security very appropriately on the technology of detection, but you get back to the basic canine team, they're about as good as they get.

We'll increase security at hotels to protect both the buildings and the ventilation systems, and we will monitor and protect key transportation systems.

. . .

We're just going to remind everyone, as often as we can, to remain vigilant. If you see any suspicious items or activities, we just ask you to go up to one of those local law enforcement personnel and report it. Vigilance is the added level of security that those who are participating in the Inaugural events and the citizens of the community can add to our security effort.

You can well imagine that the security for this occasion will be unprecedented. Protective measures will be seen; there will be quite a few that are not seen. Our goal is that any attempt on the part of anyone or any group to disrupt the Inaugural will be repelled by multiple layers of security.
Good luck to you my brothers and sisters who will be protesting there. I hope you have bail options lined up before you go.

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