Sunday, June 26, 2005

Why I love the valley

Saturday night B and I went to Vern's Volver Volver for the best tamales in the valley. (Well, B had the potato tacos because she doesn't like tamales.) I admit I was disappointed because they were out of the sweet tamales (with pineapple and raisins) but the lack of sweet tamales was made up for by the Spanish game show on the wide screen TV. I have no idea what the premise of the show was--I do not speak Spanish--but I can tell you there were seals propped up at the game show podiums barking and clapping.

After Vern's we stopped for gas at Arco and a man missing half an arm wanted to wash our windshield. Somewhere below the elbow and above what would have been a wrist his arm tapered off, and duct taped to the taper end was a bottle of windex. (We said no thanks.)

And then we went to the multiplex and saw Romero's Land of the Dead, which fucking rocked. It was the antidote to last week's Batman, made even better seeing it at a multiplex in the Valley. Oh the irony.

Warning, potential spoilers:

Like I said, Land of the Dead was the Batman antiviral. The message of Batman: Things are good as long as the filthy rich are benevolent, "good" men. When things are bad, one man can potentially change the world--though he can't be with a woman while he does. The message of L of the D: Capitalism sucks, no matter who is in charge. Hell yeah the antihero gets the girl, and he only tries to save the world to an extent; then he gets the hell out of there. So yeah, it rocked. I loved it.

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