Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The healing power of decadence

L, A, and I spent went to the National Gallery today to see the Lautrec exhibit. I will post more about the day upon my return (when I can upload the photos of Barry Flanagan's Thinker on a Rock), but for now let me just say that I have determined that periodic doses of avant garde decadence may be the key for me to survive our present era. It made me so happy to wander through those rooms of lithographs, paintings, and drawings that by the end I was grinning like an idiot. It was a really good reminder for me that no matter how much power the fundies get, they cannot crush everything. Up with Decadence! I say.

In other news, at least one researcher is entertaining the notion that Jesus died of a blood clot:
An Israeli researcher has challenged the popular belief that Jesus died of blood loss on the cross, saying he probably succumbed to a sometimes fatal disorder now associated with long-haul air travel.
I need to point out that Reuters is the source of that fabulous quote; the article later calls the condition "economy class condition" which I guess is pretty appropriate because I just can't see Jesus in first class myself. MSNBC's version of the story opens with a still from that Gibson epic, a questionable choice at best.

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