Thursday, June 23, 2005

Great ideas from the writing group

So tonight the writing group met again after an extended hiatus. What beats poetry and tuna melts at a bad North Hollywood diner, I ask you? Unfortunately, as D, D, and K had to vie with the too-highly-pitched laughter of the teased blonde duo in the booth to my back, and I had to strain to hear the conversation at our own booth, my misanthropy began to grow. Remember that line from Repo Man: "Ordinary fucking people--I hate 'em"? It was like that. Finally, I had to cut off the verse talk with the summary statement that we jointly agreed should be the title of a TV series hosted by your's truly: I Hate My Species.

Can't you see it? I think it would be so great--and what better place than LA? One week at Disneyland, the next week at Malibu, the following week at Northridge Mall's Hot Topics store... the possibilities are endless. And here's the scary confession: I really want to do this. A lot.

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