Monday, June 13, 2005

Patriot act stuff

The ACLU's ED Anthony Romero is a guest blogger this week at TPM Cafe. If you haven't called your senator about the Patriot Act yet, please do. My fellow Californians can reach Diane "capitulation queen" Feinstein here: (202) 224-3841. Because she has become a poster child for the right wing (endorsing Rice, providing a quote for the White House FAQ on the Patriot Act, etc.) her vote is particularly important. The ACLU has a good site devoted to action against the act. I know that the bill of rights is my hobby horse, but even those not obsessed with the trashing of the Constitution will want to take the time to call their Senators. Unless you're a fan of secret searches and incarceration without judicial review, and I'm certain none of you are.

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