Friday, February 10, 2006

Venezuela anyone?

You know I remember being so cheered by Vaclav Havel's presidency--that there was a statesman who was famous for his literary efforts and his articulate intelligence. Now I am loving Hugo Chavez just as much but because he's such a guns-a-blazing rhetor. Shane forwarded me his latest in which he slams Blair and Bush for their fascist cowboy foreign policy. Blair needs to return the Falklands, he says, and "Hitler Danger Bush Hitler" is just a nutjob:
"Now there's a nut case up there in the presidency of the United States," Chavez said. "He's dangerous to the world because he's capable of dropping nuclear bombs.

"Now they're making plans to invade Iran and Venezuela as well. He's crazy, the North Americans themselves are going to have to tie him up because he is capable of destroying half the world and destroying his own country."
So maybe we don't run away to Canada after all. Maybe Venezuela? I'm sure some of my friends will help me with some rudimentary Spanish.

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