Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Humpday outrage round up

It's another busy day here at work. No time for much articulate analysis, but here's a brief summary of excerpts from today's news articles:

From the NYT (thank you Will):
George C. Deutsch, the young presidential appointee at NASA who told public affairs workers to limit reporters' access to a top climate scientist and told a Web designer to add the word "theory" at every mention of the Big Bang, resigned yesterday, agency officials said.

Mr. Deutsch's resignation came on the same day that officials at Texas A&M University confirmed that he did not graduate from there, as his résumé on file at the agency asserted.
From WaPo:

Rep. John A. Boehner (R-Ohio), who was elected House majority leader last week, is renting his Capitol Hill apartment from a veteran lobbyist whose clients have direct stakes in legislation Boehner has co-written and that he has overseen as chairman of the Education and the Workforce Committee.
From AP:

Five months after Katrina plunged New Orleans into darkness, roughly 124,000 homes and businesses--or more than 66 percent of the city's structures--still have no electricity, according to the utility, Entergy New Orleans.
And from The CS Monitor:

With President Bush's signature Wednesday, Medicaid recipients can expect higher copayments and deductibles. College students may face higher interest rates on student loans, as lenders are squeezed. Work requirements for women on welfare are likely to be tightened. Federal aid to states for child-support enforcement will be curtailed.
I'll say more, particularly on this last item, if I have time today. For now, I'll just say, there aren't enough hours in the day for the outrage. If you're not angry, you really aren't paying attention.

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