Tuesday, February 07, 2006

And on that note

CNN is reporting on the eviction of thousands of Katrina victims from hotel rooms in Texas:
In Houston, where 4,000 evacuees were staying in hotels, around 80 percent had received permission to extend their stays until at least next Monday. The remaining 20 percent either failed to contact FEMA or made other housing arrangements, said Frank Michel, a spokesman for Mayor Bill White.

"People need to begin to take responsibility for themselves," Michel said.

Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco complained that FEMA was pulling the plug on the hotel program before securing other housing.
Taking responsibility for themselves? The article quotes FEMA as complaining that they went door-to-door to find people and some of them avoided talking to FEMA workers, even going so far as to run away. Fancy that. This apparently, is the "not taking responsibility" part--these victims didn't engage in whatever Kafka-esque process they needed to engage in to get awarded six more days or so before becoming homeless.

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