Thursday, February 02, 2006

One more from the voice

Best albums of 2005--The Voice's Pazz&Jop Critics' Poll. An interesting selection to be sure. I just bought tickets to see Art Brut (#23) next month. When we saw them last month at the Echo, I said to Portia, this is one of those bands that you think to yourself someday you might say, "Gosh I saw them at this little club with not such a big crowd when they were still unknown." (As an aside, we also tried to get tickets for the Arctic Monkeys, but because KROQ has picked up one of their singles, the show was, in fact, sold out. As much as I think Art Brut deserves to be recognized, I do hope that KROQ doesn't ruin them. I hate to go to a show populated by drunk frat boys and bleached blondes with Hello Kitty gear on.)

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