Friday, February 03, 2006

It could be worse--it could be raining

Oh. It is raining. Right.

I made it to Kalamazoo. My luggage, however, loved Chi-town so much it decided to spend the night in O'Hare. And I got my period on the plane. The materials for the all day workshop that begins at 9:00am tomorrow (as well as my tampons) are in my Chicago-dwelling bag.

And there are two large busloads of church youth group creatures staying at this hotel.

Really though, it really could be worse. Why, not too long ago on a work trip my "little visitor" came in the middle of my facilitating a session, an event for which I was completely unprepared, which meant I had to find a sympathetic woman attendee and send her on a mission of mercy to the pharmacy.

You see--we really shouldn't be president--we women. (Joking!!)

And one more thing--You know you're back in the midwest when grownups are ordering milk during beverage service on the plane. (The airline guy said "you betcha!" to me tonight.)

Okay, I have to be up early tomorrow to facilitate a meeting all day with mms (mid-menstrual syndrome) and no materials. Have a great weekend all.

(P.S. Blogger's spell check doesn't recognize "tampons." Um--hel-lo? What's up with that?)

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