Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Top ten reasons blogging beats writing a dissertation

10. You can cite yourself even if you're not the foremost expert.
9. It's okay just to write "what he said."
8. You can drink coffee while you're in the "archives."
7. ADD is an asset, not a handicap.
6. You don't have to revise after you get comments.
5. It's perfectly acceptable to write "What the hell is wrong with people?" as many times as you like.
4. You can do all your research in your pajamas.
3. Sometimes people read what you wrote.
2. You can use the word "fuck" if you want to.

And the number one reason blogging is better than dissertating...
1. No one asks you "are you done yet?"*

*(A comment which A explains "couldn't be ruder if you were having sex.")


Christopher Tassava said...

Top Eleven Reasons Finishing Your Dissertation Beats Blogging

11. Finishing your dissertation will give you something to talk about with Condi Rice.
10. Nobody ever got rich blogging, but dissertations? Like a license to print cash.
9. The concept of a dissertation is slightly easier to explain than that of a blog. For certain people.
8. You can dissertate secure in the knowledge that anyone will ever actually read your diss.
7. C'mon - painstakingly wrestling with MS Word to format the dissertation is much more fun than letting some boring blog app format your blog entries!
6. "Blog" is, really, kind of a stupid word, where "dissertation" sounds deliciously hoity-toity.
5. Did Erasmus blog? No, he fucking didn't.
4. No wonderful sense, when blogging, of the eventual need to revise your diss into a book or some articles, thus contributing to the growth of blah blah blah.
3. Sustained thinking increases, like, blood flow or lowers cholesterol or something, whereas the frenetic activity of blogging enlarges the hearts of blog-lab rats.
2. Anybody can get a blog, but you have to earn your doctorate.


1. Finishing your dissertation is a better reason to be snooty than posting to your blog.

Travis (♀) said...

For the record, C, while generations did rise and fall in the course of time it took me to do so, I did finish my dissertation this year. You can now refer to me as Dr. Procrastinator. My top reason for finishing? One word, really: guilt. It does feel pretty damn good to be done.