Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Some kind of city on a hill

They just failed to mention what kind of hill. Dung? Beans?

If Britain continues under Labour leadership, governmental anti-terrorist provisions being proposed will parallel the siege against civil liberties in the United States. The UK Times reports the bill would permit wire-tapping evidence in court and allow drug testing of all arrested subjects. If passed, it would institute an ID card system including "secure database of addresses and biometric identities based on facial or iris recognition or fingerprints of everyone in Britain." (There seems to be some flip-flopping about whether carrying an ID would be mandatory, but it would at least be required to garner a passport.) The proposed bill would also create a sort of UK FBI and institute "new police powers to crack down on intimidation and harassment by animal rights activists" as well as other protestors.

At least the war against civil liberties is a war the UK and US can win. Can you say "Pyrrhic victory"? I knew you could.

I don't know how the great writers retain such poetry when they write about these things. All I can think is "Oh stupid fucking brave new world."

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