Thursday, May 12, 2005

Why it is risky to be friends with photographers

WaPo tells the tale of Diane Arbus' subjects lo these many years later:
"We thought it was the worst likeness of the twins we'd ever seen," whispers Bob Wade, the girls' father. He and his daughters are visiting the Met exhibit one recent afternoon and at the moment are standing a few feet from "Identical twins, Roselle, N.J. 1967," the image that is clearly the star of this show. It's featured on the publicity photo and there's a bench nearby so visitors can sit and stare.

"I mean it resembles them," Wade continues. "But we've always been baffled that she made them look ghostly. None of the other pictures we have of them looks anything like this."
Link courtesy of Chris, who has immortalized my own 21-year-old self.

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