Thursday, May 19, 2005

"I wasn't talking about 'normal'; what I was talking about is 'natural'"

This from Horsley's latest incredible interview on the Alan Colmes show to explain his earlier confession that he spent his youth fucking mules. And this distinction--between what is "normal" and what is "natural"--I think pretty well captures so much of what is wrong with a certain strain of fundamentalist Christian ideology.

Here's a typical admission from Horsley: "I had sex with anything that moved. If we had a warm watermelon out in the field, I might give it a name." (Note to Horsley: watermelons are stationary.)

The logic goes like this: Because Eve ate the apple, Horsley was born in sin. Being born in sin, we all (well, men anyway) have a natural desire to have sex with anything that moves (as well as warm watermelons, apparently). And so, were it not for the beneficent intervention of our lord Jesus, we'd all be out humping mules.


Yes, everyone is blogging about the interviews, and usually I don't just pile onto the fray, but having just listened to the interviews, I was compelled to provide the link. You can find them all on his wacko site.

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