Wednesday, March 23, 2005

While we're on the subject...

...of the right-to-lifers' hypocrisy, Marjorie Cohn mulls the issue at Truthout:
What is the "right to life"? Does it simply include unborn fetuses, stem cells, and people in persistent vegetative states? Or does it also refer to health care for the 40 million Americans who don't have it; aid to children whose single moms can't make ends meet; and billions of dollars in Medicaid - a virtual lifeline for millions - that Bush tried to cut? What about the 1524 American soldiers and tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis who have died in a war that never should have happened? Didn't they have the right to life? a word, Marjorie, that would be "no." In fact, those American soldiers should be proud to die martyrs, let's not leave the worship of that status to the Muslims. God knows, we love our martyrs as well. (Thanks to Colin for the forward.)

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