Friday, March 25, 2005

¿cómo pronto ahora está?

The blazingly white Morrissey appears to have garnered a large Latino/a fan base here in Los Angeles, a phenomenon now the subject of a documentary Is It Really So Strange?, says The Guardian. One of the things I love so much about LA is the ways in which it defies expectations--something that it's easy to miss about this place if you're not paying attention. And I love this bit from the Guardian article:
One lasting impression Jones's film leaves is that, for many fans, a meeting with Morrissey can mean a dry mouth, clammy palms and, ultimately, disappointment. All relate tales of his politeness and willingness to sign various body parts, but you can't help but feel that, in their eyes, Morrissey the Man does not live up to Morrissey the Icon. Only those fans who merely snatched a touch of an arm or managed a sweaty wordless embrace on stage are still beaming about the moment.
God, isn't that a metaphor for way too much of life.

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