Friday, March 25, 2005

Pro-life killers

Today's Salon has the latest from America's Christian Taliban. Indiana's Congressman Souder is leading the pack in an attempt to institute a gag order similar to the one that governs discussion (or lack thereof) about abortion to pregnant women through US-funded aid organizations. The proposed new prohibition would mean those organizations could not tell IV drug users about where to get clean needles or even why one would want to do so.

It's overstating the obvious, I know, to meditate too long on the grotesque hypocrisy of folks who will fight to the mat to keep a feeding tube in Terri Schiavo but would just as soon throw addicts under a bus. I know it's my continuing refrain here, but I really do wish there were such a thing as an afterlife so that we could look forward to justice in hell. Oh well.

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