Thursday, August 04, 2005

What she said

Andrea forwarded this paragraph from Danielle Crittenden's post on the Huffington blog, and I thank Danielle for articulating exactly how I've felt this past week:
So I go away on a two-week vacation, and in my absence the second London bombing occurs, a judge is nominated to the Supreme Court, the IRA declares peace, British police subsequently round up all the bombing suspects (including shooting to death a wrong one), the attempt to "impeach" Rove sputters, a goaded Nicole Kidman announces she is giving up acting to find love, and Jane Fonda revives her sell-out Vietcong act of the 1970s in a cross-country bus tour denouncing Iraq. Bush appoints Bolton during the recess, and King Fahd dies. For a blogger it's a little like coming home to a huge pile of laundry.
Strangely enough, she's also returning from a trip to Ireland; though she was biking, and you know I sure wasn't.

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