Thursday, August 11, 2005

How you know it will be a good day

Yesterday morning my drive to work was truly the day the music died. I could find nothing on the radio except commercials and insipid djs talking about stupid things. Today, on the other hand, I turned on the radio and the dBs' Amplifier came on. What a great damn song, really. I admit a penchant for pop songs about despair, and it's almost the Platonic ideal of the form. Once, a million years ago, I made a mix tape (before CDs, when dinosaurs roamed the earth) consisting solely of dance music about depressing and desperate things. I may have even been inspired by Amplifier. Songs I can remember on the tape: Trouble Funk--Drop the Bomb, Zounds--More Trouble, Bonzo Goes to Washington--5 Minutes, REM--It's The End Of The World As We Know It, The Jam--Town Called Malice, and so on.

Am I wrong in thinking the 80s was really the best era for club songs about the end of the world?

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