Monday, August 29, 2005


So it occurred to me this week that the reason I've been feeling pretty ungrounded lately is, in fact, because I have spent way too much time in the air recently. I leave tomorrow for Hawaii. (Before anyone gets too envious let me add that this is a work trip and, as anyone who's traveled for work knows, the inside of one convention center/Hilton seems much the same as another regardless of where in the world you are.) I get back from Honolulu Tuesday morning and then Thursday morning I leave for Albuquerque. I return from there Sunday and I'm very much looking forward to trying to make it a whole month without leaving California. Though that's still in question as there is a prospect of a cross-country road trip with A (ABQ-DC) sometime late September/October-ish, with a short DC visit and then a flight back. We'll see.

The good news in all of this is that I have enough miles for a trip to Europe. Still mulling over whether to keep saving for New Zealand or just spend them in the spring going back to A-dam or somewhere.

What all of that amounts to is that there will be no blogging next week. If I get any time to do something besides work 17 hour days I will not be spending them posting things. In the meantime--as in right now--I will try to catch up a little. I have a bunch of choice tidbits in the in box sent from various sources.

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