Monday, August 29, 2005

Swatting flies with hammers

The latest strategy in combating illegal immigration appears to be simply obliterating border towns so reports AP, in a story titled "N.M., Mexico Agree to Raze Lawless Town" about Bill Richardson's agreement with Chihuahua's governor to level the buildings in Las Chepas (population approx. 35) where immigrants could hide.

You know, I lived through the 80s in DC and the battles to maintain the gentrified atmosphere of some city neighborhoods in the face of a growing population of have-nots. I remember at one point, they tired of the homeless people sleeping on the benches in front of my neighborhood laundromat, so they removed all of the benches. This accomplished two things: first, everyone had to stand while they were waiting for the bus; second, the homeless people slept inside the laundromat. Which is to say, good luck Bill.

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