Thursday, August 18, 2005


That's how many dead bodies were brought to the Baghdad morgue last month, according to Truthout. Before we rescued the country from senseless violence, the total for the month was generally fewer than 200. (For more on the carnage levels, see Iraq Body Count.)

Truthout also reports on an Afghan detainee who was beaten so badly his muscles split apart. Thank heavens the reservist being tried was just acting on his own volition and this isn't part of a pattern of abuse, huh?

And then there's shrub and his Parisian vacation and refusal to meet with C.S. I mean, for fuck's sake. I read in today's story about "the protest mom" (this particular positioning really does make my head explode--hello nineteenth century):
Some critics say Sheehan is exploiting her son's death to promote a left-wing agenda supported by her and groups with which she associates.
I'm not even going to get into the latest truly loony editorial from Ann Coulter in which she counters Sheehan's accusations by waving the 9/11 card. (Um, and this has exactly what to do with any of this, Ann?) But I will ask: since when is it a "left-wing agenda" to object to thousands of dead and countless more torture victims? If there are any right-wingers out there reading this, I want to say I pity you if this is now a "left-wing agenda." I really do. May god, or whatever, have mercy on your pathetic souls.

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