Friday, January 27, 2006

What stinks in here?

Oh, it's just the Abramoff investigation. In a remarkable coincidence, Noel L. Hillman, the lead prosecutor, was named to a Federal judgeship yesterday, the same day that Bush was ducking and weaving about the Jack and George spread in the White House fundraising photo album. (I'm speculating it's the sordid shots of the two of them lounging in the Lincoln bedroom that has W protesting their release.)

McClellan is dismissing calls for a special prosecutor with the cogent observation, "It's nothing but pure politics." Which brings me to another pet peeve of mine--the politics-as-a-dirty-word pet peeve. I mean--yes--it's politics. Duh. You're the fucking White House press secretary. He is the president. Abramoff is a lobbyist. Politics is what you guys do.

You can't have government without politics. It's not necessarily a nasty thing (look it up). It's like sex--it can be smutty; it can be sweet; it can be dirty or clean. But you put a bunch of people together and it's what we do.

Sheesh. Stop abusing the English language already!

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