Thursday, January 19, 2006

Things that are making me happy today

Call it Thursday gratitude blogging if you want.

First, Wal-mart is not opening down the street from me. Thank fucking god. Really I regard Wal-mart and Hummers as the two most certain signs that, if there is a god, he abandoned our world many years ago. They are already opening a Lowes about a block away from the wanna-be Wal-mart corner. If they opened a Wal-mart too I would need a helicopter to get to work. And it would just be one of those things that would make my bile rise every time I drove by it (We're rolling back wages!).

Second, I just bought tickets to go see Nous Non Plus tomorrow at El Cid. I am such a poptart I swear. This song makes me extremely happy today.

Third, Johnny Cupcakes is making me happy. (Thank you Portia.) And that inspired me to revisit muffin films, one of my very favorite sites.

And lastly, it makes me happy that Google isn't cooperating with a government subpoena to fork over all kinds of information on porn.

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