Thursday, January 26, 2006

Because it beats crying

Via BitchPhD:

Creek Running North reports on abort resorts in Placentia, CA. You know, I'd been mulling some sort of post about needing to go run get an abortion while I still can, but I think CRN has the last word on the subject:
La Trimesta's general manager Hank Curette downplays the effect of political controversy on his business. "We've already had lots of inquiries from affluent women across the political spectrum--Democrats, Republicans, fundamentalists, what have you. Even a few bookings. I think what attracts such a diverse range of women is our approach. We put the 'you' back into 'uterine expulsion of unwanted fetal tissue.'"

Monat points out that each abort resort employs board-certified surgeons and OB-GYNs, and that each participating destination has pledged to hold guest records in the strictest confidence. "What happened in Kansas," says Monat, "stays in California."
Anyway, it's freaking hilarious so go read.

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