Friday, January 27, 2006

The best lack all conviction

CNN has a stupid public opinion poll that asks:

Why do you think John Kerry wants to filibuster Samuel Alito?

As per my mini rant below. Could we think about a Middlesex sort of perspective here whereby these two things weren't living in Either-or-ville?

And while you're at CNN check out their collection of Alito quotes. It's bone chilling. (Did you make that call yet? Huh?)

I know there are some in the blogosphere who are claiming that the Dems (Kerry, Feinstein, etc.) are calling for a filibuster they won't enact, but folks please. Don't let this sort of nay-saying keep you from weighing in. Could we maybe try to fight a battle before we declared ourselves losers just once? I'm not asking that you like Kerry and Feinstein or that you even think they bridge the conviction/politics gap, just that you tell them you support the filibuster. Would you let yourself drown because you didn't like the lifeboat driver? C'mon people.

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