Thursday, July 07, 2005

Why pretend anymore

You know what democracy in America is like these days? It's like those loveless marriages that are a tremendous psychological burden on both partners and their children yet take place in nice homes with manicured lawns. "How was your day?" "Fine. How was yours?" "Fine."

We've got a stepford citizen kind of thing going on.

In one of the more under-reported stories of the past few weeks, it's come to light that the RNC under-reported the amount they paid Sproul and Associates. You may remember hearing about their illegal activities last fall--registering Democrats as Republicans, destroying Democrats' voter registration forms--you remember that right? Well, it seems that the earlier figure the RNC reported--$488,957--was a slight under-estimate. In fact, they were paid $8,359,161.

The Baltimore Chronicle and Sentinel seems to be the only newspaper in the world that cares. (Thanks to Chris for the link.)

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