Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Unlike my brother-in-law

I will not be reading all 139 pages of Judge Jones' opinion filed yesterday that teaching creationism instead of evolution violates the separation of church and state. I will, however, reproduce the penultimate paragraph of the decision here just because that phrase "breathtaking inanity" deserves showcasing:
Those who disagree with our holding will likely mark it as the product of an activist judge. If so, they will have erred as this is manifestly not an activist Court. Rather, this case came to us as the result of the activism of an ill-informed faction on a school board, aided by a national public interest law firm eager to find a constitutional test case on ID, who in combination drove the Board to adopt an imprudent and ultimately unconstitutional policy. The breathtaking inanity of the Board’s decision is evident when considered against the factual backdrop which has now been fully revealed through this trial. The students, parents, and teachers of the Dover Area School District deserved better than to be dragged into this legal maelstrom, with its resulting utter waste of monetary and personal resources.

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