Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Trivia orts

So Dave and Cass went to Disney on an extreme field trip (as in, they were the last car within sight in the parking lot when they left for home--as an aside, Dave says the effect is quite eerie as the rental wheelchairs litter the empty lot late at night so that it looks like some sort of strange apocalypse has struck, sparing only medical equipment). I am not the only one in my family with the personal motto "half measures availed us nothing." It was so late by the time Dave got home that I actually believed he was suffering from a stroke (that last trip on Splash Mountain having done him in) when he was retelling the stories of the day at 2 am. He was telling me about how there are, in fact, no lines at the water rides in the cold weather at 11 at night, and I was thinking, "How do I interrupt him to ask him if he can lift both arms without alarming him and making the stroke worse?" (In fact, the deal was that he had put his nightguard in and so he was slurring his sentences.)

But the point of the post (boy, who can tell I'm on vacation?) is the trivia we learned: First, Disney has the second largest parking lot in the world. The largest? Give up? .... Mall of America (I have another Mall of America story but that will wait for another day).

The second bit of trivia we learned is from the Whiz Quiz that Disney has posted over the urinals in the men's room (true story):

The answers, which are posted over the sink so that everyone will be encouraged to wash their hands: Elephants pee two gallons a day and tapirs can pee up to fifteen feet.

That concludes our lesson for the day.

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