Friday, December 16, 2005

Some days are just good days

Listening to NPR this morning actually made me smile. I know it's hardly a spit in the bucket, but it does cheer me to hear the Senate can't muster enough votes to bust Feingold's filibuster on the Patriot Act. (Okay, so there's also the revelation that they're spying on us with or without an Act to legitimize the practice--I'm shocked, shocked!, that the NSA is spying on us-- but I'm clinging to the good news even so.)

I got my Christmas bonus.

The lunchroom is filled with baskets of treats from vendors.

Conor's "eclectic mix" is in the DVD player, and I'm delighted that he is psychotic enough to include, for example, Jose Feliciano's rendition of California Dreaming and the Fall's Totally Wired, on the same collection.

Money in my pocket, chocolate in my belly, and a good beat on the stereo. Things could be worse, that's all I'm saying.

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