Thursday, July 20, 2006

Headline of the day

"Bush acknowledges racism still exists"

What I love best about the story is this passage:
Most of the president's remarks were greeted with smatterings of applause, but many in the convention center stood up to clap when he urged the Senate to renew a landmark civil rights law passed in the 1960s to stop racist voting practices in the South.

"President Johnson called the right to vote the lifeblood of our democracy. That was true then and it remains true today," Bush said.
He goes on to elaborate:
"For nearly 200 years, our nation failed the test of extending the blessings of liberty to African-Americans. Slavery was legal for nearly 100 years, and discrimination legal in many places for nearly 100 years more."
So let me get this straight, Bush made this appearance because he was characterized as indifferent to Black suffering and racial injustice--particularly given the great job Brownie did dealing with Katrina. And so to raise his stock he comes out with a rousing speech on suffrage??? And for this he gets a standing ovation? For fuck's sake people, can we possibly set the bar any lower for President Monkey Boy? Sheesh.

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