Monday, May 15, 2006

Film at eleven

Okay, I was going to add this link under an "update" header below, but White Bear inspired me to give it it's own post. More about K's crash and K himself can be found here. Everyone go say hello to my boyfriend and boost his hits for the day.

And Carrie--yes, he's good with a screwdriver--though he's better with a camera. My one-line review is, "How can you not like a guy who owns guns and reads Dwell magazine?" He's smart as hell but not an academic, and given my own temperament, that's probably good (I once ground a seminar discussion to a screeching halt when, in the middle of a discussion about whether or not we understand everything through language, I asked, "Am I the only one who's had good sex in here? Describe an orgasm in language." Yeah.)

Anyway, I have a huge crush on him, and so far, so good.

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