Monday, May 15, 2006

The elbow

Below I make reference to what an outstanding investment good motorcycle gear is, and I am inspired to explain myself a bit more clearly if only to properly make sense of these photographs. They are taken with a phone and don't do the hardware complete justice, but they're worth sharing nonetheless.

What you see here is my boyfriend's arm. It didn't always look like that. Yes, always one to favor the dramatic, I managed to obtain a boyfriend and a patient almost at one fell swoop. (What is a "fell swoop" anyway?) For his part, he picked up some swell hardware on his way to my apartment.

(Those who know me, know that I am no stranger to visiting lovers in the trauma unit. I'm calling it progress that K ended up there because of an accident rather than a "head in natural gas oven" type of incident.) In any case, said bf is quite on the mend, thanks in part I do believe, to my excellent nursing skills (which happily are no longer needed).
You can't really see the full Steve Austin glory of the thing here, but it does look like someone threw down a handful of stuff from a bargain bin at Home Depot. Being a retoucher, he annotated the x-rays for you. Myself, my text would have read more like "can you believe that shit?"

We have determined that if he were in a Dick Tracy story line, he would be called "the elbow."

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